Jul 11. 2012

Hello and welcome to our fancy shmancy new website!
We’ll be posting things here such as photos, videos, words, news, other exciting things etc..

We leave for tour tomorrow with our big sissies and bro’s in Eisley, and we’ll all be climbing into a 15 passenger van and praying that the AC doesn’t break before we make it out of Texas! So cross your fingers with us on that one.

**Spoiler alert** Collin and I will be playing a few new songs on this tour that we’re really excited about, as well as everything off our EP “Through the Rough”
So we really hope to see all of your pretty faces there!

And we want to say thanks so much to our dad Boyd DuPree and friend Nicholas Osborne for working so hard on our website, because we are bozo’s and wouldn’t have a clue how to do it ourselves! Y’alls millions are in the mail, guys. (Yeah right! But if we DID have a million dollars we’d definitely give you guys a crisp 20 dollar bill to share.)

Anyway, we love you all and can’t wait to see some of you on tour!
-Christie (and Collin, who I believe is asleep right now since I’m writing this at 3am!)